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tv   RT News  PBS  May 1, 2014 8:00pm-8:31pm PDT

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this at the pentagon love this venue at taxpayer money how they spend my tax dollars on tours around the world. allow the military equipment that now being given away. in germany chancellor on guam are full of rides today and ethan seen this wall there's a divide between the us and germany over the nsa surveillance so what will be on the agenda the latest on the chancellor's visit coming up. half the capital protesters demanded the president stop deportation. they're generating perceiving that every gathering in response to a record number of deportations under the obama
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administration more on that later also a fan. there is any perth by him and watch i'm an irrigated you're wanting to hurt america. we did today with the latest in so many of the art speaks with a series on military way east. the us military is now strategizing ways to drive down the troops in afghanistan at the end of twenty fourteen but when the american person now isn't the only task at hand. after a decade of war pentagon officials are trying to figure out how to drive down billions of dollars in military equipment while he was looking and we are the pentagon's spending went wrong. art evening and lopez has more. when it comes to text you money. snell agency knows how to spend it with earth and the us military the pentagon led to its own device will spend money on
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anything over the past decade defense spending has claimed they were part of the federal budget with aggression is ramping up first in afghanistan and then iraq. in fact the united states spends more money on defense than the next ten countries combined. president obama and congress sets the military spending cap for twenty fifteen at four hundred ninety six billion dollars leaving plenty of room for all new top of the line equipment. with all of that spending government watchdogs don't have to look hard to find wastes lot of money from wasted in afghanistan in iraq the weapon systems being sent over. facilities being built that were needed. the special inspector general for afghanistan in the special inspector general for iraq have identified at least a hundred billion dollars worth of wasteful spending. senator tom coburn samuel government we stock related some of the stock as examples of lavish spending by the military in recent years including the air force's nc
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twenty seven j spartan an airplane that can take on thinly and on unpaved runways my favorite. point in the program and this is the fact that their force bought six hundred million dollars with airplanes and assumed they were delivered and ship them to the bench terry has spent a reported five hundred sixty seven million dollars on the projects since two thousand seven hundred twenty thirteen reports by midday today we knew was found that at least a dozen of these transport airplanes or moving straight from the assembly line into a storage unit in tucson arizona without having ever been flown on the military mission ever built and actually never used the kinship to prepare to arizona in active use. why were they built solely because of the pr queen of jobs in ohio and a contractor whose passion for this job pentagon in the case didn't want them so rather than leaving the transport airplanes in the desert own crust. congress has directed the department of defense to get fourteen of them and the us coast guard for free
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twenty seven jane wasn't a military zone the fiscal fiasco. after spending three years and nearly three hundred million dollars on a thing of the art surveillance plan. the army finally decided to de link the project for that the long endurance multi intelligence vehicle was nicknamed the gruelling high flexibility of flying unmanned surveillance missions for three weeks at a time. however a number of delays in the early states along with our spending on its cause the project to be scrapped in twenty thirteen and the belief to be sold back to the contractor for one one thousandth of the price is time for adult leadership to come and say you know i know you really like a bright shining optical that there is really sexy but i don't think you need it and we need to rethink why we're spending money on but some shots from citizens against government waste says congress is also to blame for unnecessary spending. members of congress often view the pentagon budget is in top spot. it is often resistance
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by members of congress who feel that the jobs in their districts with the companies and industries need to continue building something that really may not do anything to enhance national security. just points to determine one abrams tank as the best example of the battle between military leader or sand washington lawmakers to enlarging analyst testified that they don't need more tax. they need to instead take a few years to modernize the pants and twenty seventeen is a three billion dollars when it comes to washington's wallets congressman's. congress controls the purse strings congress can force the pentagon to continue developing a system that it does not want in the private sector they wouldn't be any question of something is obsolete or not being sold think it's gross. in washington. unfortunately decisions are not always rational but not everyone agrees with that assessment four star general john allen a former commander of coalition forces in
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afghanistan says congress has always supported the troops to the best of its ability to congress on behalf of the american people have been extraordinary in providing the leadership in providing our troops in everything they need to accomplish the mission. waste is not unique to any particular branch of the military however with the afghanistan war winding down. perhaps the pentagon will finally get its fiscal house in order. in washington meghan lopez rt and a new report time the military drive down to the booming opium production industry in afghanistan the special inspector general for afghanistan reconstruction has concluded that opium production is hitting all time high and if i needed the seven point nine billion dollars u s has sent a fight. i did since two thousand taylor. according to the report there are over half a million acres under opium poppy cultivation as an all time high and a thirty six percent increase from two thousand twelve. add the snl supplies about reports of
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the world's illicit opium products. most opium production is taking place in the southern and western provinces like on monday and the heart of programme of coptic and destruction has been underway for several years but this show thousand eight the rate of eradication has been less than four percent of the total cultivated land seizures have also been negligible of the overt five million kilos of opium produced in twenty thirteen less than one percent with ease and connor narcotic on operations the report said it's been getting worse and the drawdown says dr lab storage sites and major trafficking networks are concentrated in raleigh area that are increasingly laughlin and afghan force is due to the eye and a half drive down and declining security in the theory as a number of regular drug users in afghanistan has increased one point three million in two thousand. well more than seven point five percent of
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the afghan population alright love german chancellor merkel is making her first visit to washington dc since two thousand eleven to the writing to the nation's capital today and will be meeting with president obama early tomorrow for a lunch meeting focused on economic issues. in the first meeting between the two leaders since the news broke last october at the nsa had been served a link. merkel's phone calls and email communications for her cell phone. there's no doubt that tension still exists between merkel and obama over the issue still is unlikely to carry any weight in our conversation to scott's this visit i was doing earlier by holder start. he's the senior washington correspondent for der spiegel and the terror of the new book the nsa complex for assassin to describe the tension surrounding the visit. as a deep disappointment on knuckles and not too much about the fact that she's been
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targeted. she sees this as a part of professional business it's the hope president obama handled this affair the summer when the first snow of the document scandal that sent a delegation to washington to find out what great happened in gemini and those people came back and spent and we got the assurance that there has been nothing done against imminent risk. note to manon has been broken bay to me that i'm not as chief of staff the staff stood in front of the cameras and to instead there is no such men as they fear. and then we saw the headlines coming october about my cell phone she feels personally betrayed. she's a professional enough to go back to what topics like you with ukraine crisis. but this won't be in relationship of trust him as pioneers in germany at one point even trying to enter and use one noticed by agreement with united states and that never panned out why why was that rejected. well nothing it's just not in the american dna self limitation and the french tried part they didn't achieve that the british were strong partner with the americans when it comes to intelligence affairs. didn't get such an
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agreement and the germans tried to to get some bits that they the americans three fewest in the negotiations are on the ice it's not gonna happen. now the courses in the first leader if he doesn't get out alive and it's definitely been a few years set. do you think you get a sense everything is happening do you think that she will bring up this issue or will be brought up at all this nsa scandal. she said in the one that you raise a tumor a private vehicle storage during the four hour session that the two leaders have done when they come to the white house and the expectations of arena with the americans make clear that the victims won't receive anything. they will publicly speak more about ukraine crisis that has a duty to do with the book the question whether to address the subject during a press conference that i didn't know what the white house. it might be a question or two but they want to avoid the subject of the one unspeakable. the scheme until you know how much weight you think it'll actually carry in their discussion would be held very quick touch on it and move on to other things are the people actually served into a job that will
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leave we will see true mettle to think of it the first level that we see beaches and the ukraine crisis but still longing to be everything and then there will be this level of mistrust in which we will basically keep on going for a couple few years in the german american comes to relationships. i'm so we will have the common business and then and we have this great shirt. well believe in german opposition leader is urging were called to ask president obama to destroy her an update file. couple of them were generally about merkel's critics at and how the accused her of mishandling the nsa scandal she didn't push cart like the brazilian president and or staff who will she realize that she's been targeted to increase. he was then canceled her trip to washington. it is a different person i am hurt her personality is his being more we got them are hesitating so she addressed the subject once in a speech in front of the german parliament. but since then she's she's an assignment because she knows that she won't get much and she she doesn't want to run
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into a dp so she's she's expecting some humorous book isn't obama mac cheese that she wont to do was something of a key. she will not be a very attractive. perhaps if the thing twice. considering her role with the eu and i am caring so much weight as in you're out on the door hearing that president obama and that mcconnell will be talking about the proposed trans atlantic trade and investment partnership that tt i eat. do you think it's possible that a local political props and obstacles were seeing in the eu in the us will fall for it and cooperation on that level it's a great christian for twenty fifteen and cousin obama won't achieve anything before the midterm elections in america when a similar situation in europe there are a very controversial debates with and you can arguments this is nothing that will more from this year not the one who is a tomorrow when she will speak at the u s chamber of commerce. but don't expect too much and it's very unclear if it will happen at all and when i long long into the future but i want what is not long into the future and what's going
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on right now of course is ukraine and that is probably going to be the bulk of their their discussion how to characterize the difference in approach between president obama and chancellor merkel when it comes to you the approach say to russia new coach is not so different when you when it's a personal question because both leaders that do not like twenty two reactions they rely on diplomacy. they've seen a huge impact that sanctions can happen when you non nuclear negotiations the main riff the main difference is between the american people in the german people. every second john on a reef uses any kind of sanctions against russia almost eighty percent free fuel as many tourists off of the ukraine the talent for my chance to catch quota celebrated his seventeenth birthday this week. he did a great big party and some peaches but then again school is the star guest was it was not in the pudding and it's a different mindset. it's just a different kind of office team russia a different kind of suddenly got me a different sentiment between
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the government and perhaps the german he asked us to develop its a clear with and we have the channel four action understand or sentiment. i knew that very much different from its raya well up older stock senior correspondent and der spiegel author of the nsa complex thank you so much for coming and weighing in on this the russian president aladdin airport and told chancellor uncle a merkel today that ukraine must remove its military from the south eastern region of the country in order to resolve the showdown but intake kiev gunmen who had seized several office buildings. this comes just a day after acting ukrainian president alexandre trick is not said that security services have lost control of the region armed separatists. during the day from eastern ukraine let's cut our teeth. alison weir was on the ground in donetsk. and to connect again the kids thought that the dpp did not break into chunks of pavement and loving it. the security forces and
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painted the top of that. it did not think they need to do now. what the answer to that not enough wind to think he felt he called me to stay and shut out all the people to the top of me. yes to the topic to topic the statement. which is new to you. he said. typically content. she stood trial. lol happy. it can be found. wyatt the key. let them go. it seems that a good looking
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not included. the company claims. a week. beat egg whites. he is. all was there ukraine. well and get a little more insight into how the airport has been choosing its drone pilots the personnel responsible for controlling our keys or remotely piloted aircraft according to a recent report by now. by the government accountability office the air force has been falling short in its recruiting goals for those pilots and as a result almost half of its current height limits in anti aircraft units have been called a temporary fill in those conditions. here's the catch on thursday. other
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reports pope with the air force officials who said in general most commanders and find less skilled pilots and less competent officers to rpa squadrons and i mean if the bottom half of pilots when it comes to expertise and money and large been controlling these un manned an awesome day of the vehicles. now the air force said that it no longer transfers pilots from the anti aircraft units rpa programs. instead they say there is a separate career field in which pilots and or string and training requirements i feed you with knowledge they've had any issue recruiting pilots both because of the state must as he did more broadly with the program can be caught as amended me and for some years that's grown significantly in recent years. still ahead here on our team protesters gathered in the scene to give me an anti deportation for taking to the protests after the break. while. she said
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the incineration re form stalled in the gop led house obama recently announced his administration would conduct a review on how many deportations more humane results are expected in coming weeks. they have not been enough to quell the dissent amongst immigrant rights organizations who are demanding a change in policy today a number of undocumented immigrants gathered in washington d c to make that message very clear
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our achievements in france has more the first signifies an official workers' holiday in many countries around the world. what i speak as rallies and demonstrations ironically it again here on american soil as part of the labor movement's twenty federation work my street and every unions proclaimed eight hours shall constitute a legal they flavor from an after me first eighteen eighty six one hundred twenty eight years later resurrected as an unofficial day of workers' rights and immigration reform which at this point in american history are inextricably linked. and this year special urgency strengthens rallies demonstrators point he did push to reform bill before the august recess because after that. all about the november midterm elections where immigrants could get lost in the shuffle speed. maybe i run six years ever since two thousand eight km the power. to the government thinks he didn't do anything. and we know that he has the worst twenty six of the nation's schools. that's what he
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should be heading over to meet the separating the movies. that's why we had to buy for. we're hoping you could be done before the recess of the once and so we have seen that there is something of delay. and that's something that we won that works to kristin. ps this be happening on the obama administration has carried out one point six million deportations between two thousand on youtube after twelve. the president has pushed for immigration reform it's only been blocked by far right republicans. now they come up on a midterm elections in november that party is expected to remain firmly in control the house of representatives. putting comprehensive immigration reform on the backburner. but for demonstrators in this crowd. change needs to get here faster than midterm elections. some people arrived with the bees that it became illegal winning teams jobs families are being torn apart and even mothers are shackled with tracking bracelet. the immigration authorities ahead of their flight out of the last week the children. but there is hope. twenty some segment of the latino vote is critical to the republican party's
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future prospects. they must gain the support of latino voters who want to reform needed to bring the estimated eleven million living in the us illegally out of the shadows. with proper worker benefits. because everyone demonstrating on this day around the world is linked by then need to punch a time clock and support their families. but here in america are also demanding the right stay together. in china the capitol building and de france are too. well today he is the main game a first commemorate international workers' day and time when demonstrators typically denounce low wages and call for equal opportunity this year it was marked by tens of thousands of people taking to the streets around the world most of the rallies have been peaceful. others didn't turn dangerous. here's a quick look at what those protests look like including an rt cro cop in the middle of the action. this is the chairman of the front lines when the opposite it and that they think i meant
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he couldn't see them walking hand in front they need to admit that. i did not with the gloves on. the number of large isn't a day events took place in london happens in the hall and there were also protests here in united states. here's our team marine up or denial or to look at the demonstration in new york city. at pad apply for higher minimum we choose one that they need a shoe store in new yorkers onto the streets on wheels made a citizen's how to organize demonstrations in the variety of parks throughout manhattan in the evening. hundreds possibly thousands will take part in a march culminating
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near city hall. america's income inequality and growing gap between rich and war affects so many citizens than those who work full time jobs i say be still and don't make enough to afford a decent quality of life receives the largest corporate profits in the history of our nation yet we're also looking at a time were a bit about the boats are still living in poverty were seeing poverty rise on a lot of that the levels of racine the disappearance of a middle class. the problem is that unions are being idiots are rated with them the middle class. and that chan said that the american dream which has always been based on tom the ability to. on the move upward king and improve your life and that hasn't happened income inequality is one of the largest province in our country right now. well you look at the statistics the average ceo the company makes a thousand times the average employee. you look at the starbucks ceo makes ninety three that god died on nine thousand two hundred dollars an hour while
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that the employee who make minimum wage cannot completely unacceptable. we bought fifteen now citizens of all ages and races are joining forces to demand better pay and equal pay between men and women thousand workers in particular are demanding the right to union on these and many say that the problem is that in america too many jobs are being neutralized by technology. there's a bunch of different reasons as to why new yorkers have come out to take part in the day but overall string that ties them together is that the majority of them are lacking confidence in the us labor force in the us economy. they say that years ago. us officials promised that things would be better by now that jobs would be more available that i sow the reasons put rates up there so we'd be saying that to happen. reporting from me or green or not artsy. and before we go don't forget to tune in for power taking
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the cleric and the extensive investigative journalism and tiny tot about his new book the dubai american injustice in the age of the wealth gap here's a look at what's to come. no you come to love. a fairly privileged background your father was an nbc correspondent hugh and a very good schools. you have a sense of guilt. writing about the divide knowing that you are on the upper side of the ride. i know absolutely that they did this this book it is the way to look at it and say that this is the nba's the tale of white guilt. basically i mean i i i didn't have been covering wall street for years i've been doing again all the stories of all all these white collar capers but i wish i was really shocked to learn about all the things that i do i really had an american citizen should have known about but but being as you point out the entire city up top or a formal class white person i didn't know what it was documented immigrants go through i
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didn't know what people and bits of the bedford stuyvesant go through. i didn't need to be arrested for obstructing pedestrian traffic which is something that every every african american in certain neighborhoods in your nose so tune in at nine pm tonight here on rt in our path. and that's it for now for more and the stories we covered the youtube dot com slash rt america. check their website. r t dot com site usa and follow me on twitter and an irritated. asians are worse. the finish line they're gone. bill. what is
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needed. one was our thing and cooking the i r e in two nights in the call that would be nice that my kids one of the diaspora conference events that take over a hotel and there's lots of people with whom a deer walking around shaking hands and doing business with each other. tell that the baltimore convention center in maryland and over thirteen hundred people attended the summit into trying to quote the educational and informational needs of the entire food industry including growers. we talent distributors operators
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regulators and he and the attendees from hundreds of corporations with that the mcdonald's proctor and gamble and mary at target the corporation and ford interests. there can be. name the new fda and the department of agriculture hall of the government would act for us all that talk about how to ensure would be repeating the land mass that day. they don't have names like preparing for and responding to natural disaster and what you need to know about water quality standards. courses are also given weren't any fatigue and certification of any governmental body of a giant pole incorporation the age of mock who recalls. regulators i think the time. the guy if they cannot do this secret handshake together or something. you get the idea the event where all the big guy for us who think the industry all get together to share all of the information they know each other. it's a great
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opportunity to grease the wheels of our corporate and government for it. i believe that people there are bad and the right of the country has to offer me actually i heard about food safety. we do what i mean by that over a hundred of them started barking and had diarrhea all over the place with caramel peanut that the asteroid to write it after attending the summit in some kind of food borne illness or to employ them in the media if it hadn't figured out what kind it yet so why were the food safety experts that together and i think the food probably i may have no idea why the irony that demonstrates the out of our government and corporate regulation. i don't know what it did i talk about that by filing and squid at penrith
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and. ch. i don't i the blast nhk world news line. it's now eight am on friday the second i was a plot on in tokyo present she's in pain is promising decisive action after a bombing at a train station in western china state media say to religious extremists were behind the attack on wednesday in the same zellweger autonomous region and both of them were killed. that said the assailant started slashing people outside the station in the regional capital r